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No One Likes a Leaky Roof and When Shingles Go Missing It Can Cause Major Damages to Your Home

Got a Leaky Roof? How Much is it Going to Cost?

Damage to your homes from a roof leak is always a tough and stressful situation. No one wants to sit around and wait for a contractor to come and assess the problem – most of the time you just want it fixed right away. The question always remains though, How much is it going to cost to fix my roof? We’ve put together a simple cost guide that can help shed some light on what causes these roof issues and how much damage they are going to do to your bottom line.

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At Power House Exteriors we know what it takes to take your project and extend the overall life of the roof. We’ve been in the business for a long time and we know when it is time to repair or when it is just time to replace the roof completely. The cost of roof repairs depends on quite a few factors but to name a few it’s the contractors overhead, size of the roof, complexity of the roof, accessibility, and roof pitch. Each one of these items comes with its own set of challenges. 

What Causes a Roof to Leak?

There are main causes of roof leak and roof repair that your roof falls into. Leaving any damage to your structure alone can cause major issue and our recommendation is always to get someone out to look at your home as soon as possible. 

Cracked and Damaged Shingles

Shingles that look like they are fine are not always in the best of shape. We have routinely seen in the Treasure Valley roofs that look great from the street but once you get up close and personal with them they are missing granules which cause the roof to lose its ability to protect your home much faster. If you have a wood or slate roof a simple crack could easily cause water damage inside of your home and specifically to your ceiling and insulation. 

Missing Shingles

With all of the wind that we get in the Boise area it is not uncommon to find roofs that are simply missing shingles altogether. If you have had a budget shingle on your roof there is a better chance that with a solid wind storm you could lose a few shingles and not even realize it – until you’re standing in a pool of water inside of your home. 

Missing Granules

The granules on the shingles protect your roof from harmful UV rays as well as from Mother Nature’s elements. Depending on the age of your shingles your granules can wear off over time. These missing granules can easily be the source of a leak in your roof as they cause the shingles to split and crack.

Ice Dams

We see this more in places like McCall or Sun Valley, but ice dams happen when water melts and refreezes on the edge of your roof which then forces the water back up ontop of the roof causing repeated damage to the shingles that are supporting it. 

Low Spots On Your Roof

Low roof spots or valleys on your roof can allow water to sit. Standing water isn’t good for anything and can cause shingles to become much more fragile than they normally would be with the proper slope. 


Flashing is the metal that creates a water resistant barrier between the roof. Over time the sealant can fail and the metal can corrode and crack. When the flashing fails it stops doing its job of deflecting water and starts to just let it in. If you have a chimney then be sure to check the area around it first.

Finding the Cause of the Leak

More likely than not you found this page because you already have found the source of the problem. We have found throughout the years that even if a roof looks like it is coming from a particular spot that the source of the leak is actually in a completely different part of the roof. That’s why we recommend having professionals roofers like Power House Exteriors come out and take a look at your roof rather than you try to assess the source yourself. 

If you are certain that you have found the source we recommend a quick fix by putting a tarp over the area until you can have a licensed contractor come out to look at the problem. We also recommend taking a look in your attic space to see if there is any evidence of water getting through the shingles. 

Common Places for Roof Leaks

  • Around Chimneys - Places Where Flashing is Installed
  • Beneath Installed Skylights
  • Look for Cracks Between the Shingles, Tile, Slate, or Wood
  • Look for Missing Shingles

Cost of a Roof Leak

In Boise and in the Treasure Valley the average cost to fix your roof is around $700 with the typical range between $300 and $1,500. Now remember, that is just the average for Idaho, but the cost really does depend on the job. 

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