How Long Does a New Roof Last In Idaho?

How Long Does a New Roof Last In Idaho?

How Long Does a New Roof Last In Idaho?

How long a roof can last depends on a number of factors – mostly based around the type of material that you use for your new roof.  It is important to work with a roofer who understands your goals and expectations.

In Boise, and the Treasure Valley asphalt shingles are the most common material used in roofing. Assuming that Idaho’s famous weather doesn’t cause any major damage – a typical roof should last anywhere from 25 – 30 years in Idaho. 

If you are using other materials such as metal, tile, or slate, your roof can last much longer. There added upfront cost to use these types of materials but depending on how long you are going to be in the home and what your budget is – it might be worth it to go with something more durable. To make sure that you are getting the longest life out of your roof make sure that you hire an experienced roofer for installation. If a roof is installed improperly the life of your roof will be drastically shortened. 

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Roof Maintenance

Roof maintenance is something that should be done at the very least twice a year. After the winter has gone and spring is in the air is a great time to see if there are any shingles that are leaking or were pulled up from the winds that we can sometimes get here in the Treasure Valley. Right before winter starts is another great time to check your roof for issues. Obviously, the last thing you want is your roof to leak from snow so checking your roof out before the extreme cold hits is a great idea. 

Maintenance can keep your roof strong for years to come. This is also helps to inspect the roof to make sure there isn’t any signs of damages or leaks. Roof repairs help prevent you from having to pay for a full roof replacement later in the future

Roof Falling Apart In Idaho

What Are Some Major Roof Issues?

It’s important to keep an eye out for any signs that if there is any damage to your roof also to take in account is the age of the roof. Extreme weather or fallen tree branch can damage a roof and that is why it is important to keep any eye on your roof. It’s important to not rely on yours roof projected lifespan when making the decision of whether to repair or replace it.

Signs That May Indicate You Need a Roof Replacement or Repair:

  • Missing Shingles
  • Curled or Buckled Shingles
  • Cracked Shingles or Cracked Roofline
  • Old or Rusted Shingles
  • Leaks
  • Sagging Roof

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