Wood Prices Are Dropping – Why Aren’t Roofing Customers Seeing the Benefit?

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Wood Prices Are Dropping So Why Aren't You Seeing the Benefit?

Wood Prices Are Dropping - Why Aren't Roofing Customers Seeing the Benefit?

Wood is one of the most popular materials in roofing. It’s been in use for hundreds of years and while the technology for the roofing products have changed, the popularity of wood has remained the same. However, the price of wood has been dropping steadily over the month. So why aren’t roofing customers seeing the benefit of this drop in price?

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Why Aren’t Wood Prices Dropping?

According to Wall Street Journal, price of wood when there was a shortage was about $1,711 per thousand board feet. This was a major jump in the price of wood. Before the high prices in wood the prices were about $640 before the shortage of wood. Wood prices have been increasing in these recent months. These price increases are in part due to a past shortage in supply. However, recent trends indicate that demand for wood products are decreasing little by little. The reason for the prices to increase over time was homebuilders and people wanting to project that need wood causing a shortage of wood.

Why Are Roofing Customers Not Getting the Benefit of the Drop?

The roofing industry has seen a drop in the cost of wood over the last couple months after the shortage and high prices of wood. This means there are a lot of jobs out there that are costing less, but the job itself hasn’t changed. So why are roofing customers not seeing the benefits of the wood price drop?

Roofing is a big construction project and will cost a homeowner a lot of money. A lot of people will think that the wood prices dropping will mean that they can get a better deal on their roof. However, that’s not always the case. Recently, the wood prices have dropped by 10% to 15% in many parts of the world; but the roofing contractors are not lowering the price of installation by the same rate. The customers are not getting the benefit of the dropping prices of wood.

How to Get the Most from Your Wood Suppliers Right Now?

When a company deals with lots of different suppliers and different materials, it can be very hard to keep up with all of them and make sure that you get the most out of all the different materials and suppliers that you work with. Unfortunately, most suppliers don’t make their information accessible and easy for you to use. This will help you look at the best ways to get all the information so that you can work with your suppliers to get the most out of them.

Having a good relationship with your suppliers is goo to have because it can make them feel like they are part of the team. It important to communicate often with your suppliers because they may sometimes have some thoughts or knowledge that may be open to share with you some solutions they have or even products they have that would benefit you more. When you become a large revenue to your suppliers this is allowing them to see that there are being successful with you being a large revenue customer.

In a lot of business relationships that is time where there is going to be disagreement and it is better to be honest in a situation. This can allow for you and the supplier to come up with a solution that works out for both. With being honest and having a good relationship with the supplier this allows it to make it easier to negotiate and strike a stronger deal.


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